Why Use The DumpsterGard?

When we set out to create a better way to cover roll-offs, we asked ourselves, “Why hasn’t this been done before?” There were some big, bulky systems that were overkill and there were tarps and tarp and bow systems that are ineffective. We have created an optimal solution that takes a big job and makes it as simple as possible.

You’re busy and your people are busy and you’re faced with the problem of getting your dumpster covered. What you need is a product that not only does the job, but is easy to use and takes as little of your time and effort as possible. There are other solutions out there and they are either bigger than they need to be or ineffective with hardware to install, which can also break.

Our customers report that the biggest benefit of the DumpsterGard system is that it helps them achieve local, state and federal requirements Roll Off Dumpster Stormwater Discharge Compliance. DumpsterGard has helped our customers obtain National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System(NPDES) stormwater permit exclusions as well as obtain ISO 14001 Certification. In addition, a DumpsterGard can also reduce tipping fees by keeping waste dry and give you more control over who and what goes in and out of your dumpster.