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  • Why Use DumpsterGard?
    When we set out to create a better way to cover roll-offs, we asked ourselves, “Why hasn’t this been done before?” There were some big, bulky systems that were overkill and there were tarps and tarp and bow systems that are ineffective. We have created an optimal solution that takes a big job and makes it as simple as possible. You’re busy, your people are busy, and you’re faced with the problem of getting your dumpster covered. What you need is a product that not only does the job, but is easy to use and takes as little of your time and effort as possible. There are other solutions out there and they are either bigger than they need to be or ineffective with hardware to install, which can also break. Our customers report that the biggest benefit of the DumpsterGard system is that it helps them achieve local, state and federal requirements Roll-Off Dumpster Stormwater Discharge Compliance. DumpsterGard has helped our customers obtain National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater permit exclusions as well as obtain ISO 14001 Certification. In addition, a DumpsterGard can also reduce tipping fees by keeping waste dry and give you more control over who and what goes in and out of your dumpster.
  • Will Using a DumpsterGard Put Our Roll Off Dumpster in Compliance?
    In most cases, yes. Some regulatory agencies are stricter than others and it can depend on what is being put in the dumpster. Check with your state and local Roll-Off Dumpster Stormwater Discharge Compliance and Regulatory Offices. They can also tell you if a DumpsterGard can help you get a NPDES Stormwater Permit Exclusion.
  • What Geographic Areas Do You Serve?
    We serve the U.S. and Canada. Please contact us for a quote for shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.
  • What Are the DumpsterGard Panels Made Of?
    Our product is made from 90 % + recycled .187′′ thick HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) plastic with 5% talc and 2% carbon black added. Most of the strength comes from the ribbed design, not the thickness of the plastic. Talc is added to increase the stiffness at higher temperatures and to allow the DumpsterGard to hold its shape over time. Carbon black is added for UV protection.
  • How Much Does a DumpsterGard Panel Weigh and How Big Are They?
    Each panel weighs 43 lbs. A set consists of 4 panels, so total weight is 172 lbs. Each panel is 72′′ long by 100′′ wide.
  • How Do They Stack?
    DumpsterGard panels are designed to nest to reduce the space required to store them and to allow you to stack them while on the dumpster. This eliminates the need to completely remove the panels, unless you need access to the entire dumpster. Simply stack the ones you remove on the ones behind them. 40 panels stacked are 38′′ high. This also allows us to ship them more economically.
  • Will They Fit Different Sized Dumpsters?
    Yes, the DumpsterGard system is designed to fit 20, 30 and 40 yard dumpsters that are 20'-23'Long and approx. 8'W. Dumpsters can bow out in the center up to 4′′ and some are built with a slight taper. Our design can accommodate these fluctuations. We can also add or remove panels to accommodate shorter or longer dumpsters. Please call for quotes and have your outside dimensions ready.
  • Why Not Just Use a Roll-Off Dumpster Tarp and Bow System?
    Roll-Off Tarps are cumbersome to handle, freeze, hold water, tear easily, mildew and have to be secured in multiple locations. They will also sag in the middle unless you buy expensive and difficult to assemble and disassemble bow systems. A DumpsterGard does everything a roll off dumpster tarp and bow systems claim to do without all the aggravation.
  • Do I Have to Modify the Dumpster?
    No, DumpsterGard requires no modification of the dumpster. The securing straps can hook to existing hooks or other points on the dumpster. If there are none, they can be secured by hooking to the underneath of the dumpster.

Frequently Asked Questions

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